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Handmade Gifts from the Kitchen (Hardback) – Walker, Alison

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Handmade Gifts from the Kitchen is a delightful gift in itself, as well as a beautiful collection of culinary gift ideas for you to make and bake at home for friends and family. Indulgent fudge, warming liqueurs, spicy chutneys, sweet and crumbly homemade biscuits… the list goes on.



A jar of your favourite preserve or a box of homemade truffl es is a delightful way to say thank you to someone special, or for Christmas or birthdays, or indeed for any celebration whatever time of the year. Full of love and originality, the recipes are a pleasure to create and wrap as well as to give.
Each recipe has a guide for how long it takes to prepare and make, and the introduction to each offers ideas on how to use it or adapt it for any occasion. There is a myriad of ideas for wrapping the gifts in a stunning and stylish way, so that every gift is unique.


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