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Joseph Joseph Utensil Gift Set

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• Set contains:
• Lotus Non-scratch, folding steamer basket
• Scoop Spoon Colander small
• Elevate Tongs small

This classic, steamer basket design is taken to new levels of practicality and convenience with the Lotus. Made from high-quality polypropylene, the unit has self-adjusting sides to fit most pans, heat-resistant silicone feet and an innovative silicone finger guard. It has a large capacity when fully open, but folds neatly away for storage. The unit is non-scratch and suitable for use with both steel pans and non-stick cookware. Polypropylene parts heat resistant up to 230-degrees Fahrenheit; silicone parts up to 520-degrees Fahrenheit. The Scoop Colander is a utensil that allows you to quickly and efficiently scoop and drain food straight from a pan or oven dish. Perfect for deep-frying, it eliminates the need to drain hot liquids from heavy pans before removing food. It”s also versatile enough for use as an everyday serving utensil. And where would any cook be without Joseph Joseph”s Elevate Tongs? The Elevate Tongs are designed to improve hygiene and minimize the mess made by placing utensils onto kitchen surfaces during use. Tongs have innovative weighted handles with integrated tool rest, ensuring that, when they are placed down, the heads are always raised off of the work surface. Tongs are made from toughened nylon, with silicone heads. They are gently spring-loaded, comfortable to hold and can be locked / unlocked using the large button on the handle. Silicone heads are perfect for use with non-stick cookware and are heat resistant up to 650-degrees Fahrenheit. All three items are dishwasher safe. By Joseph Joseph, masters of form and function.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 680 x 200 x 500 mm


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